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Costa Riviera Realty specializes in buying and selling beach homes through out “Greater" Puerto Vallarta:

If you desire a beach home for (1) retirement, (2) second home or (3) investment purposes, we recommend Puerto Vallarta for many compelling reasons (see Why Mexico and Why Puerto Vallarta).  Click through each remaining tab to learn about Us, Safe Ownership and descriptions of the differing geographic areas.

Greater” Puerto Vallarta spans two Mexican states, Jalisco to the south and Nayarit to the north. Both are apart of what we call the Costa Riviera – heart of Mexico’s Pacific Gold Coast – stretching from San Blas in the north to Careyes in the south (see Costa Riviera). "Greater" Puerto Vallarta includes (from north to south):

Different types of beach properties to consider:

Different forms of ownership

We stay abreast of all resale properties as well as new project developments (over 50) and have the expertise to financially structure the purchase (bank loan, seller note or self directed 401K or IRA funds for investment properties).   

BUYERS: Our access to property inventory is unsurpassed.  Let us help you buy your piece of paradise — today!

SELLERS: We have a long list of prospective buyers seeking beach properties.

We are very good at what we do (see Testimonials).

Learn about new beach homes as they become available:       

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